Friday, 28 October 2022

Why is travel insurance an indispensable part of journey

Travelling has become more improvised, faster and secure. And if something goes wrong while traveling on Thailand holiday packages or to elsewhere-Travel Insurance will surely take care of it.

What is Travel Insurance?

Wikipedia mentions-“Travel insurance is an insurance product for covering unforeseen losses incurred while travelling, either internationally or domestically.” You will be compensated in monetary terms.

How to get one?

Travel insurance can be arranged by airlines, companies or agents like White Magic Travels, along with booking Dubai holiday packages(say).

What else?

Though optional, it’s highly advisable to spend a few bucks for a stress-free insured journey. Insurance services provided by different companies are different. Choose one which suits you the best.

Some provisions of travel insurance areJ

  • In case you have to be unfortunately hospitalized due to sickness/accident while you are travelling. (Note: Highly advisable in covid19 times).
  • If you have to be evacuated by an ambulance or any other mode on a medical emergency.
  • In case the luggage gets lost in the process of transit with the carrier.
  • If you/your companion are required to return home on an urgency (due to death or hospitalization of a family member).
  • Cancellations of -flights, trains, car rentals, accommodation, or transfers.
  • If your credit card/cash/documents are stolen or gets lost on Egypt holiday packages, you will be compensated.
  • In case your flightsgets delayed, you will be compensated with food and if necessary accommodation.
  • Even pets are insured when you’re away on Antalya tour packages.

These are only some of the various benefits of a travel insurances. A Traveller’s insurance usually covers 24/7 emergency services, such as replacement of lost passports, cash wire assistance, rebooking cancelled flights/trains/buses, damage to personal property, rented equipment such as rental cars.

Thus, you should definitely opt for a travel insurance for a stress-free trip. Have fun & enjoy your trip.


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